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Discover QiGong
Enjoy online practice classes and change the shine you bring to this day and everyday 


"QiGong is a gentle & wise practice for making friends with your body and mind."

 ~Denise Minter


Online Daily Shine QiGong Class with Denise Minter

Waking Up Energy Qigong

liveSTREAM ~ On Demand ONLINE learning & guided practice

Imagine being able to wake up your energy and release stress anytime! Learn QiGong online and live with Denise Minter. Discover gentle mind-body QiGong movement and meditation to change the shine that you bring to this day --and to how you age or face chronic illness. Monthly membership class gives you daily access to Live Class and On Demand Video Library.

Easy. Relaxing. Live.
daily classes | Monthly Membership Plan |Use your DIGITAL devicE |Class fits all abilities |Certified Teacher


Denise Minter shares her healing journey after her breast cancer diagnosis using the mind-body practice of QiGong.


Fit Your Life with QiGong

Shine Brightly everyday for whatever life brings...

Age brilliantly

Release Stress

Strengthen Health

Transform Chronic Illness

wake up new vitality to help our world shine


Join Denise ~ Host of World Wednesday on Facebook Live 
Wednesdays | 9am PT | 9 minutes of
free Qigong Meditation for wellness of self and the world.
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~ Denise MinteR ~

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I realized how much
I needed to wake up my mind-body and at the same
time my immune system needed to relax and reset.
QiGong makes this possible." 

"QiGong taught me how to transform fear into wisdom."



Easy. Relaxing. Live.
Practice to fit your life

Easy to start

Relaxing QiGong with Certified Teacher Denise Minter

live or On DEMAND on your computer, iphone, tablet.

Practice sessions ~ New every weekday 


"Simply follow along with me on the screen anytime you want to shine more in your life." 

~ Denise Minter


Would you like to train your mind-body
to shine every day?



~ From our Students~

"With my Parkinson's, QiGong helps me start the day
with a clear mind and better balance."


"By practicing with Denise, I am encouraged to show up, and am getting my energy back for work and my family."

Wake up Your Energy through Daily Shine Qigong, for less than a cup of coffee AND without all the jitters...