When to Start Qigong?

Now. No better time to start than this present moment. Denise will guide you in how to start. You do not need to know Qigong.

You are invited to sign up and join Shine Daily class anytime. Class is ongoing -- with 24/7 access to live or recorded videos -- every day of every month, all year long.  Denise guides you to learn and deepen your practice the whole year round, to help you enjoy learning to refit your life one day at a time.

It's never too late to start being your best self. Denise began Qigong after her own diagnosis of cancer and hasn't stopped. She counsels that we can't wait to feel pain free or worry free or task free. Life is happening every day and Qigong can help us show up better. She has taught students who wake up everyday facing chronic health conditions like Lyme's Disease, dementia, back pain, Parkinson's Disease, menopause, or are busy parents, caregivers, and have jobs. 

Now is the best time.