What is QiGong?

You don't need to have any previous knowledge or experience of QiGong to take a Waking Up Energy Class. You also don't need to have done another energy practice, like yoga or meditation. 

Practiced around the world, QiGong is growing in popularity because it works and it is simple to start: Anyone can do it. Simple to Learn. Simple to Practice.  Tracing its origin to over 5000 years ago, the mind-body practice of QiGong focuses on achieving health and well-being. QiGong recognizes and respects that all living beings have energy or Qi flowing through them. Called an “energy practice”, QiGong is made up of two words - Qi = energy and Gong = practice (pronounced CHEE-Gong). 

Shine Daily & Qigong

The Waking Up Energy Course: Shine Daily teaches the gentle practices of Wisdom Healing QiGong. Often called “moving meditation”, this body/mind practice is designed for all abilities, including people facing chronic illnesses and aging challenges. The Shine Daily Course specifically focuses on the Awaken Vitality Method of Wisdom Healing QiGong. These are the teachings that Denise Minter discovered in her own journey to find health and resilience through her cancer treatment and everyday since. Read more

Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) QiGong was created by a Medical MD and QiGong GrandMaster, Dr. Pang Ming, who gathered together 19 QiGong lineages into one form called Zhineng QiGong. It is so gentle, it can be practiced at any age and with many chronic health conditions. Drawing on his diverse medical background and deep compassion, he designed these QiGong tools to help people who wanted to tap their hidden wisdom and improve self-care. By doing select, gentle movements, sounds and meditations, we train our mind-body-heart to open this flow, strengthening the body, relaxing the emotions, and clearing the mind. 

Learning QIGONG IS made Easy. Relaxing. Live.

The way to learn QiGong is to follow along with a teacher, so you can relax more deeply into the form. Similar to how a child plays and learns, each QiGong practice reacquaints us with our mind, body, and heart in this moment, joyfully and peacefully. Denise guides you in how to mirror her movements through her online course. It's easy. Relaxing. Live. And each class is video recorded and available to all registered students 24/7 on the website.


The way that QiGong works is to do the practice regularly, for best results. Just like drinking water, relaxing and energizing our body is best to do everyday. Read more.

Looking Inward to live outward

QiGong help us turn our gaze inward, to wake up our inner wisdom, especially in times of illness, aging, stress or fear. Wisdom Healing QiGong does not replace good nutrition, healthcare or fitness plans. Instead it changes how we show up everyday, whatever landscape we must traverse. We calm our immune system, wake up our thinking, and have energy in our body and heart. For some QiGong helps u get up for a doctor's appointment, for others it is going to work, or being a caregiver, a parent, a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a volunteer. For others it is simply just getting out of bed because the Parkinson's Disease or Lyme's Disease is holding us back.  

QiGong greets us where we are this day, in this moment. It resets our baseline, gathering energy, building strength, releasing stress for what's ahead.

My classes help you start a new phase of self-care. I will teach you the QiGong tools so you can practice kind compassion for self and others whenever and wherever you need it.
— Denise Minter, certified instructor
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Denise Minter: Level II Certified Teacher

Denise studied Wisdom Healing QiGong earning a Level II Teacher Certification. She trained directly with Master Mingtong Gu founder of The Chi Center and the Center for Wisdom Healing QiGong. Master Gu received his training with Dr. Pang in China at the Zhineng Institute. Read more