Love from our Friends

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong

"Denise has such fun when she teaches and the energy of her field sparkles with vitality.


She teaches from a place of deep experience using QiGong for self-healing and personal growth. All who join in her classes benefit from her big heart, her clear instructions, and strong capacity to hold a healing chi field.


Her online presence is contagious and she is generous with options and modifications to make sure everyone feels included and empowered."



~ Judy "Guma" Tretheway, Senior Wisdom Healing QiGong Teacher

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong

"I look forward to checking in with Denise and my classmates every day, and I am thrilled that my qigong practice has become so regular—the benefits to me are huge! 



I move more easily as my flexibility has improved, and I am much calmer and clear minded. 


The technology makes accessing the class super easy—either on my laptop, or on my cell phone when I am traveling!  

Denise is so positive and joyful…the whole experience is such a blessing."



~ Paula, Qigong Student

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong

"Denise is a wonderful teacher. Her generosity and natural joy shines through her leading of the practice. The morning class is a skillfully put together complete practice of the Awaken Vitality Method forms. Guaranteed to start your day off on the right track. I whole-heartedly recommend it."



~ Vivienne Verdon-Roe, Ph.D, Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong

"Working with Denise in a daily, live practice, has made a huge difference in my healing.


I have more flexibility, calm and creative energy and this is the ground for deep healing.

There has been nothing as effective for me as a wonderful, inspiring teacher to help me show up and really establish a practice.


Denise is the real thing - skillful, dedicated but also open and fun. 

What luck to have found such a wonderful teacher."



~ Pat, Qigong Student

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong

"Denise is so consistent. Every day’s experience of our QiGong practice is different even though the form appears the same, day after day.



The take-away: Self-deprecation and Self-doubt begin to soften, the sense of isolation melts a
bit, leaving a more generous sense of Self to emerge, day by day, with this daily practice."



~ Joy, QiGong Student

Waking Up Energy Daily Shine Qigong