"QiGong helps me fit my life better...Even when we think we don't have the bravery or the dedication to change, learning QiGong helps us remember that we do."


Waking Up Energy with Denise Minter



"Daily Shine QiGong allows new potential in  mind-body through practice."


Denise Minter shares the Qigong that helped her discover resilience through breast cancer. As a certified teacher, Denise teaches students focused on waking mind-body for better aging to challenging chronic conditions .  Learn more about Denise.

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Daily Shine QiGong Online Class

Daily online classes with Certified QiGong Teacher Denise Minter. 

Get started today, bringing more energy and potential to your life with the empowering practice of Zhineng QiGong. And with this special offer, you can help a friend...


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Class features:
~  Five Weekday Live-Streamed Classes
~  Extensive On-Demand 24/7 Video Library of Classes and Special Teachings
~  interactive Q&A Sessions online with denise to ask your questions about your practice
~  Monthly subscription supports your practice to fit your life
~  meet a great community of students
~  Great Support for learning and getting your computer device ready

Cost: $47 per month, recurring payment monthly. Gives you full access to all class features, plus you get the following:

Special Buy One. Get One for a Friend Free Offer: When you register for $47/month,  you will receive your monthly access to the class, PLUS you will receive a free one-month subscription to give to a friend. Your friend will also have full access to all features of the course, and you can "meet up" online at the live stream classes. 

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Watch and follow Denise step-by-step as she guides you through movement and meditation. 


Yes, it's easy to watch class on your computer or phone device. Video Library is available 24/7.


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