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Meditation: "Setting the Qi Field"

15 Minute class

Meditation: "I Am Loving Awareness"

20 minute class

 Brain & Body Meditation

Daily Shine Qigong Class


Opening Meditation

Use this class to begin your Qigong practice. Visualize yourself as part of Nature, as part of the Universe, located in the middle between Heaven and Earth. This 15:00 meditation allows you to make friends with your body and deeply relax.

Using creative visualization of the mind, we gather up infinite energy from Mother Earth and Father Sky, and picture ourselves in-between, with our feet touching Earth, and our heads touching the Big Blue Sky above us.

You may practice this meditation seated, standing, or lying down. With whatever position you choose, please relax as deeply as possible while keeping your mind alert to follow the Qi.

A Daily Shine Recording

Denise Minter leads a meditation to makes friends with your Body & Mind just by relaxing and sending a good message to your Brain with this 20-minute Meditation. May be done seated, standing, or lying down.

33:00 Daily Shine Qigong Class

Here's the entire one-hour Daily Shine Qigong class, trimmed down to 33-minutes. The Opening Meditation is not included in this class. Practices include:

  • Spinal Bone Marrow Rotation

  • Hip Rotations

  • Crane's Neck

  • Bending Spine

  • Chen Chi & Lachi



Shaking QiGong - 3 Part Movement



Shaking Qigong - 3 part movement

Do this practice everyday for good health. Just follow along and shake your body to the music.

Three parts to Shaking QiGong:

  1. Shaking

  2. Releasing

  3. Nourishing

12-Point Meridian Self-Massage + Spine Opener

26 minute Class

12-Point Meridian Self-Massage  

2019 Updated Practice with Denise Minter. Stimulate your meridian points from the top of the head, awakening the physical body. An easy and effective Qigong practice of 2-minutes per point to relieve headache, stimulate digestion, relieve brain fog, warm the body, good for jet lag, head to toe relaxation.

If you have any concerns about any exercise or body work, please contact your medical practitioner before proceeding with these gentle QiGong forms. QiGong will meet you where you are. Take care and enjoy the practices. 

2019 Sound Healing & Self-Healing for the 5 Organs - One-Hour Video Practices




2019 Kidney Sound Healing Practice One-Hour. Bringing energy and relaxation into our Kidneys. Meditation to Occupy Your Body; Meridian Opener 2-minute Practice; Sound Healing for the Kidneys; movement, and self-healing meditation for our Kidneys.


2019 Liver Sound Healing One-Hour Practice. Sound Healing, movements to nourish the Liver, 5-minute Self-Healing Liver Meditation.

2019 One-Hour Sound Healing for the Stomach, or the Digestive System. Smiling and chanting into our stomach, intestines, and colon. Chi Field Setting, Open the Meridians Practice, Spinal Bone Marrow Rotation, Sound Healing for our Stomach. 5-Minute Self-Healing for the Stomach Silent Qigong Practice.


2019 One-hour practice of Pancreas Sound Healing. Chant to intimately connect with your Pancreas for Self-Healing, and to harmonize the entire physical body. Chi Field Setting Meditation, Sound Healing chanting, Healing movement, and wrapping with a 5-minute Self-Healing Practice for our Pancreas.

2019 Summer Heart Sound Healing One-Hour Practice. Relax and nourish your heart and pericardium in this 1-hour class. Chi Field Setting; Meridian Opener 2-minute Practice; Sound Healing sound, movement, and self-healing meditation for our precious Hearts <3


2019 Lung Sound Healing Practice One-Hour. Nourishing our Lungs with relaxation, chanting, and self-healing. Open the Meridians Meditation and Rubbing Head Movements; Lung Sound Healing, Movements, and Self-Healing for your Lungs.