Practice Qigong Daily with Denise


What's so special about qigong?



Through Qigong, a new inner wisdom and creative intelligence emerges with daily practice. That's the key. A Gong, a daily practice, a routine. We practice to move through life with resilience and joy.

Especially in the second half of life, this profound practice of still and dynamic meditation is just what the body needs. With the mind, the heart, and the body working in harmony and awareness to connect and support each other for wellness, all sorts of miracles are possible. Making friends with your body. Smiling to your organs. Cultivating Loving Awareness.

Try Qigong with Denise for 30 days, and directly experience the results of doing these very simple movements and practices over and over again, with joy, with dedication and repetition. In community, with others who show up, and join the live class every weekday at 8 am/PT. Don't practice alone. Find your Qi Buddy here :)) Let these simple practices of Qigong color your life palette with a new vibrant vitality.

30 Days to harmonize every cell in your body, with your own energy medicine, Qigong. Qigong and you, practicing in Community with others who join the class every weekday at 8 am/PT. And enjoy the replay of the day's class throughout the month for as little as $1/day. Try a Free 7 Day Trial and taste the Qi directly.

Claim Your Inner Smile daily with Qigong. It does a heart good.

The benefits of practicing qigong with others
waking up Energy

Practice 5 days a week with a real live teacher and students all over the globe. Share the simple joys of repeating these gentle mind-body practices of Qigong over and over again with a virtual community of Qi Buddies, to wake up our energy, so we can move through the curves of life. Practice Qigong to relieve stress, chronic illness and change the pace of aging.