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 Celebrate this step as you take care of yourself by showing up today.

You have received a special invitation and have registered for your Free Week of Qigong class! This class is hosted by Denise Minter at Waking Up Energy.com.  

Daily Shine Qigong is an online and live stream video class focused on guiding you in the movements, meditations and sounds that will support you to shine your best all day.  We can all benefit from learning these gentle ancient mind-body teachings, and this course makes it easy through live teachings and 24/7 access to a video class library.  Plus don't miss the live Q&A sessions (on Fridays) where you can ask Denise your questions directly. 


Get Started Simply click on this link, and you can join a live class (Monday - Friday weekdays 8am-9amPacific time), or visit the On Demand Library anytime to watch a recorded class. 


When does the Free Offer end? You have 7 wonderful days to take a test-run of the class.

I love the course! How do I register now to continue with Daily Shine? Simply click below.


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A Welcome Note from Denise

I am so glad to have you in class. These are the teachings I used during my own recovery from breast cancer, and I continue to use them everyday to live with more brilliance.  Please email me if you have questions. 


Denise Minter





What device can I use? You will watch the class on your computer, iphone or ipad. You will need the software called zoom--click here to learn more.

What do I need to know about Qigong before I start?  Beginners welcome! You can start class right away, because you will learn by following me on the video. You can wear comfortable clothes, but you don't need mats or special clothing.  If you want to read more about Denise Minter and Wisdom Healing Qigong, click on this link. 

What works best?
If you want the deepest benefits, then do Qigong daily. The class offers this one-stop classroom where you can do your practice as many times a week or day that you want.