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Wherever you are, simply use your computer, phone or tablet to take the virtual class.

Live Online Classes Make Learning Easy

Join Daily Shine  -- Live Online Weekdays - Monday-Friday 8am-9amPacific Time. 

Yes, Daily Shine is offered LIVE Weekdays! We are so excited that the livestreaming technology has advanced so that now Denise can teach this class live -- to reach out to people around the country and world. She enjoys gathering people to practice together live to do the QiGong practices that can help you fit your life. 

About the Class and Fit Your Life

  • MAKES PRACTICE EASY --Yes, the benefits of Qigong come from doing the meditations and movements through regular practice. Every class guides you in how to do Qigong.

  • Video Online Learning - Simply watch, relax and follow along with Denise, a certified teacher in Wisdom Healing QiGong.

  • Daily Shine teachings are designed to help you wake up mind-body to fit your life today.

  • Excellent program to start the morning, and anytime of day that you need focus and energy.

Benefits of Live Online Class

  • A live class makes it so much more compelling for students to show up each day.

  • Easy to Do QiGong at Home and on the Go. The Daily Shine classroom is a computer click away from wherever you are with your digital device.

  • Saves time! You don't need to get ready and travel to a classroom.

  • "Let's Talk" online Event lets you ask your questions live. Read more

Can't make the live class-time? 

Each class is recorded and available 24/7 in your On Demand Library, so you can do your Shine Daily when you have time. You can register for the class and take the Live Class or the On Demand Library Class only, or a combination. It is your choice.

Can I be seen on the video live class?

No. You can see and hear Denise, but the Live Weekday Class is not two-way, so Denise and the other students cannot see or hear you. This feature is disabled. Please note that during the "Let's Talk" Video Conference you have the option to ask questions and be seen. This is an optional participation.


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