FAQ About Qigong

About Qigong

What does QiGong mean?

The word Qigong (CHEE GONG) is translated into “Qi”= energy or life force, and Gong = practice. The key to training mind, body, heart to wake up your inner wisdom is through practice -- daily practice is best. Qigong originated in China, more than 4000 years ago, and has it's roots in Traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is a Body-Mind Practice, a moving meditation. 

About Wisdom Healing QiGong?

There are many forms of Qigong. Wisdom Healing Qigong, called Zhineng Qigong, is a form created from many Qigong lineages to be so gentle, yet powerful, that it could be done by people facing physical and emotional challenges. 

When to Start QiGong?

As will all movement programs, please consult your physician to be approved for gentle QiGong movement. You may begin to practice Qigong at any time and at any age. These practices support and compliment your life. It’s about releasing energy blockages that occur from aging, illness, injury and genetics. It's about using movement, visualizations, and sound to counter-act the factors of aging, illness, injury and genetics, and cultivate flexibility, strength and resilience.  The movements are so gentle and can benefit many abilities it can be practiced standing, sitting, and lying down. 

Are There Pre-Requisites for taking the Daily Shine Course?

No. There are no pre-requisites. Beginners welcome.

Does QiGong replace other medical care?

Absolutely not.

Can I do QiGong ALONG with other treatments?

Yes. The human being has great, hidden potential, and this practice helps you tap into it. Wisdom Healing Qigong supports your other western and traditional wellness treatment care. The movements are so gentle and can benefit many abilities it can be practiced standing, sitting, and lying down. 

What if I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and can't move very well?

This form of Qigong welcomes people of all abilities and interests, who are ready to add a gentle self-care wisdom to their day. The movements are so gentle and can benefit many abilities, so it can be practiced standing, sitting, and lying down. Email Denise about your condition and limitations and she can help you modify your participation. 

Can I do QiGong if I also do other exercise, Yoga or meditation?

This form of Qigong welcomes people of all abilities and interests who are ready to add a gentle self-care routine to their day. Some students do the Qigong in the morning and then do yoga, run, swim, or meditate. We support all of these body/mind practices that bring wellness into our life palette.

Can QiGong help me get a better night’s sleep?

Qigong provides many tools for self-care, including how to relax the body and calm the mind to experience a better night’s sleep.

About Qigong Practice

Why is it important to practice?

  • The Waking Up energy Courses are designed to make it easy to practice, with video demonstrations via online learning and every class is a guided practice session.
  • Practice is essential to realize benefits. The repetition of slow, gentle movements is loved by the body and the brain. Every day, we take the time to practice, to honor the body, to ground the body, to bring the mind into the body for loving awareness and deep relaxation.  With practice we discover our hidden potential to fit our world. For some of us that may be a busy, creative work, family or community life, for others it is a litany of medical appointments and treatments. QiGong changes the wisdom and resilience that we bring to each of these experiences.
  • QiGong is different from western medicine as we don’t take a pill to change our body or symptoms, we work on the inside of the whole body, mind and emotions. We all carry habits of our lifetime, and it is only through daily practice that we can wake up our mind, body and heart to function better. Through a dedicated practice, we can also bring more calm, vitality and resilience to support our doctors and medical care, and also our interactions in the workplace, home and community. 

How To create a home practice routine

There are three steps to learning and creating a meaningful practice in Wisdom Healing Qigong:

  1. Take the Waking Up Energy course, guided by your certified teacher, and learn the QiGong teachings of movement, sound, and visualization. By following along with your teacher it make it easier to relax and have more benefit during your practice.

  2. Practice frequently and everyday is best.   Visit the Class Library and select a class recording to follow--this guided practice can foster deeper learning in mind,body,heart. Deepen your practice by committing to a 100 day Gong, dedicating 30 minutes or the full one hour class. 

  3. Learn about the Qigong perspective: Ask your Teacher questions. Join the "Let's Talk" interactive video Q&A conference where you can talk with Denise directly.


 “Like any new, worthwhile skill, it takes practice if we are going to train our mind, body, heart to connect in new ways. We start fresh each day, and DAILY SHINE.”

~ Denise Minter