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Course Registration and Accounting

Can I buy THE DAILY SHINE CLASS as a gift for someone?

Yes. Send your request here, and we will issue a gift certificate to your recipient, based on your specifications.

What are the Terms of my monthly membership? 

Our course is a monthly subscription. Your credit card will be charged monthly and this renewal date is based on the date that you registered.

Read the terms here

What is your Policy for a refund? How do I cancel my subscription?

Your satisfaction with The DAILY SHINE Class Plan is our highest priority at Waking Up Energy! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to sample this class. The deadline to receive a full refund is within seven (7) days of the date of your initial registration. To request a refund, please click on the button below to go to your account and cancel your subscription. If it is after the seven (7)day period, your membership will be cancelled at the end of your current billing cycle. Your billing cycle is based You will retain access to the class through the end of your paid month's subscription, unless otherwise requested. 



What are the Terms & Policies?

Course Access Issues

Let's troubleshoot some of the ways to solve this issue:

Course Classroom Access

When you register for a Waking Up Energy course, you will be given access to the Daily Shine Classroom. The Classroom contains al the information you need to access the Live Class, go to the Library, or attend a Live Q&A. 

Here is the link to access the Daily Shine Classroom:You need to be logged into your member account to access this page, using your email and password that you set up when you registered for the course.

What is the schedule for the class and the Live Q&A?

You will find the schedule for the course on your classroom page.

How do I access the Course Video Library?

You need to be registered for the course and you need to be logged into your subscription account. Then click on this link and it will link you to the Library.

Not Receiving Course Email and newsletter?

#1 Are you looking in the correct email account? The email will be sent to the email you provide when you register. Check your email accounts.

#2: Is the email the email in your junk, spam or other box?  Please search these folders and boxes. For example with Gmail accounts, it is a good idea to check your Promotions Box.  

#3. Did you unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving email from us? If yes, then you need to contact us and opt back in or re-subscribe. 

#4 Do you have an accidental typo in your email address when you registered for this course? It's a common thing to do, so please check. If you didn't receive an email receipt and an access email immediately upon ordering, please contact our support team.

Can't Sign in ? Email not recognized? Error Message?

Are you trying to sign-in to your course Classroom but get an error message? Let's troubleshoot what might be happening. 

#1. Use the Right sign-in page:

Here is the link to your sign-in page

#2: Confirm you are entering the correct email address. It needs to be the same one that you entered on the registration form when you purchased the course. 

#3. Withdrawn for non-payment?  If a participant agrees to a monthly plan for their course fees and then defaults on their payments and does not resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time, their registration may be put on hold until they contact us to make arrangements to resume their payment plan. If your access has been denied due to non-payment of your payment plan, please contact Customer Support -- Contact us by email here 


No. Your video and microphone are muted when you enter the classroom. You will NOT be seen or heard. However, you have the option to unmute your microphone (and your video, if you wish) during our Let's Talk video conferencing Q&A, when you can ask Denise questions about Qigong. 

Contact us? 

Please check our FAQ, as we might already have the answer for you.

Technical HELP & SUPPORT

Email Support

Contact us by email here . We will respond as soon as possible, and make best effort to get back to you within 24-48 hours.