Healing with Qigong 

Denise's Cancer Journey


When I got that phone call and learned I had cancer, my world changed...

When I learned I had breast cancer in 2000, I worked in the high-paced industry of computer animation making feature length films for kids of all ages. I was a mother of a young child and I was a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a champion for women and freedom.  The news was especially terrifying, as a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis*starts a cascade of medical and life decisions that are immediate and overwhelming. My medical diagnostic path and treatment plan included lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.

When I caught my breath, I already knew at my deepest core, that simply following this protocol would not be enough to recover from the ravages of this treatment and what this diagnosis does to a person’s strength, hope, and resilience. Whereas I had always championed self-care for women, I now knew I needed to connect with deep inner wisdom in a new way. It was time to wake up mind, body and immune system to heal.  

I was ready to do the work and so I sought out great teachings and teachers who could show me how. I had a life to live. 

I found that Qigong was the single practice that helped me wake up my mind-body, and allowed me to have a colorful life palette again. Through diligence I awakened in me the discipline to learn and to practice. In Qigong we strive for a 100 day Gong.  I started with one practice a day, until I have now done years of Gongs.



"Qigong was essential to my recovery, helping me heal. And this new practice changed everything."

~ Denise Minter


I found a special form of Qigong called Wisdom healing Qigong that was powerful yet gentle, and kept revealing more and more layers in mind, body and heart. Qigong calmed my anxiety, strengthened my body, and cleared my mind. I could sleep again, laugh with my friends again, and walk into every doctor appointment with more joy and calm. In 2013, this training was deeply tested, because I received a new diagnosis of breast cancer. Yes, unfortunately, I have family genetics that is susceptible to cancer, and so, for me, cancer emerged again.

The difference is that this time, I had my mind-body practice of Qigong. With this 2013 diagnosis, I was able to walk into my double mastectomy surgery feeling calm, resilient and ready. I had great doctors. And I matched it with deep resilience. Qigong was essential to my recovery, helping me heal.  Within a few weeks, I was able to joyfully travel alone, flying across country to visit my family in New York. Knock on wood, I have had no recurrence of the cancer. I continue to travel, to give back to my friends, community and this world.

And everyday I do my practice. It is just that now, I will share it with you through Daily Shine Qigong classes.

(*In other words, a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis means that the offending tumor is estrogen receptor-negative, progesterone receptor-negative and HER2-negative, thus giving rise to the name “triple negative breast cancer.”)

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"I started with one practice at a time, day by day...I noticed I can do more things with my life." Denise Minter