Benefits of doing the Daily Shine practice: Daily Shine focuses on the Awaken Vitality Method of Wisdom Healing QiGong, and can help you fit your own life.

Through gentle movement, meditation, sound and visualization we can cultivate a new strength and resilience in the body, deeper calm that releases stress, and a more awake and clear mind: 

  • strengthen the core muscles
  • release stress and worry in the heart, tension in the body  
  • open energy blockages from illness, injury and poor posture that are draining vitality
  • shape resilience with a healthy, flexible spine and body
  • balance and relax all the joints in the body
  • connect mind-body with guided meditation, movement, and visualization
  • wake up new vitality and mental focus 
  • learn personal practice tools to fit your life better 

Any Questions about how to do your practice? Daily Shine includes a Live Q&A -- lets you ask questions and meet fellow online students focused on managing their health and life journey too.