Waking Up Energy Qigong Class

Easy. Relaxing. Live.


Online Monthly Plan

Sign up for monthly plan and receive:

7 day access to Online Video Guided Qigong with Denise Minter, including
 Livestream weekday class:
Five daily (Mon-Fri) 8am-9amPT x 4 weeks X every month
Video library: One week of recorded weekday classes available for anytime practice
Live "Let's Talk": Interactive Video Conference Session 2 X/month

When does class start? Class is ongoing 12 months/year - Sign up & join anytime

•Beginners, Everyone Welcome

Use your digital device: Smartphone, Computer, Tablet


Class Description

Easy: Take the class when it fits your schedule

Relaxing: Release stress through guided meditation and movement

Live: Get inspired to join our great students anytime

Start your day with easy-to-follow Qigong practices taught by Denise Minter. Watch Live or recorded video. Relaxing, slow movements, meditations, and sounds designed to wake up energy in mind, body, and heart. Excellent program to start the morning, and anytime you need focus and energy.

Two options for attending online video class:

1. Livestream: Monday-Friday, 8 am - 9 am pacific time. Practice with Denise Live.

2. On-Demand Access. Practice with the video recording anytime.

This whole body-mind course focuses on waking up energy, through a healthier spine and awake mind. Discover more resilience and well-being to help you fit your life. We focus on learning how to release stress and calm the mind, to expand your capacity to meet your life’s challenges and be more creative.

These teachings feature the Awaken Vitality Method teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Added feature: Live interactive video conference.

Denise welcomes this feature, so that you can ask your questions directly.

No prior experience of Qigong is needed.  Includes modifications for people who need to sit or lay down. 60 minutes.


Great Features

Live Video Class

Start anytime. Class is ongoing, every month, all year long. Teacher and students are inspired to practice live together weekdays.

relaxing Wisdom Healing Qigong Teachings

  • Suited to all ages and abilities
  • Welcome to all dealing with chronic conditions
  • Learn how to wake up more energy
    • Physical:
      • Back flexibility and strength
      • Improved balance and endurance
    • Emotional & Mind:
      • Release stress and worry
      • Open capacity for challenges and creativity
      • Improve mental focus and relax
  • Great support to start a personal Qigong practice

Live "Let's Talk" Interactive video conferencing 

  • Ask Denise your questions Live
  • Great community support by learning from other students 
  • 2 x/month, live

Easy learning

  • Do Qigong at home and on the go
  • Use any device or smartphone
  • Beginners welcome
  • Do the Practice Standing, Seated, or Lying Down
  • No special clothing or equipment required