Winter Kidney Tip #3 Meditate

Caring for Kidneys Through Qigong: Winter Kidney Tip #3 QiGong Meditation Daily

Take a little bit of time each day notice your Kidneys. Paying attention is another way to say "I love you." Love your Kidneys by acknowledging them, visualize your smiles entering your Kidneys.

Imagine an ocean of light inside your Kidneys. Free-flowing energy like water. An ocean of Energy, a sea of Light. Breathe the full moon into your Kidneys as you visual them expanding. Go Yin-ward :)

QiGong Meditation

BODY: Find yourself in the most comfortable posture available to yourself. You may be standing, or seated, or lying down, and becoming still and rooted. Relax your shoulders, your hips as you make an intimate connection with your body and your bones. Use your breath to move into any place in the body that feels tight or stuck. 

MIND: Once you are in a comfortable posture that you can hold for a few minutes, gently scan the horizon, and softly, slowly close your eyes, and move your focus inside the body. As you breath into the Kidneys, imagine them expanding. As you exhale, imagine harmony and happiness as you continue to relax your entire body, scanning from your head to your feet with a gentle, relaxed curiosity.

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