Winter Kidney Tip #2

Enjoy good kidney health in the winter, when we need to pay extra attention to keep our energy free-flowing for resilience, well-being, and creativity. Bottom line: PRACTICE QiGong everyday. Just like brushing your teeth, your body, mind, and spirit love the routine and thrive with a QiGong Practice.

We want the energy of our kidneys to be free-flowing. Practice QiGong daily for good Kidney Health.

Why is Daily Practice of Qigong Important?

Think about it. You and I can not learn anything new without instruction and practice. This is true for learning to play the piano or practicing QiGong. And the intention of QiGong is not to zone out with repetition, but to train your mind to invite a deeper inquiry into your own body.

QiGong provides an opportunity to get very intimate with our bodies, primarily using the mind to send a good message to your brain, and share that good news with the rest of your body, focusing on one organ system at a time. And with daily practice, we pay attention to the signals that the body sends back to us. Sing to your Kidneys, and listen to your Kidneys singing back to you.

1 Minute QiGong Practice. Noticing

BODY: Connecting our feet to Mother Earth, grounding into the Yin energy of the Universe, we lift our heads up, touching the Big Blue Sky expanding with each breath of your Being.

MIND: Looking out to the horizon with a relaxed gaze, gently withdraw your vision and close your eyes. Look within and become aware of your physical body

  • Your head touching the sky, feet resting together on earth, breath into your body.
  • Feel the soles of your feet relaxing and opening as you consciously connect your feet deep in the earth.
  • Tuck in your chin while lifting the top of your head, and feel your body expanding into the blue sky above you.
  • Feeling your alignment between Mother Earth and Father Sky, allow the front of your Body to expand to the horizon of the Earth. Repeat while expanding body behind you, to your left side, and to your right side. Imagine expanding your body in all 6 directions while relaxing into your body, continuously imagining the expansion with each breath.
  • Place your hands on top of your navel to close this alignment practice.