Winter Kidney Tip #1

Keep your lower back warm and covered

To keep the Kidneys warm, rub your Kidneys with the back of your hand, as seen in this video.

The Kidneys are associated with the season of Winter and the element of Water in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our Kidneys share the energy of Water, which means that when it gets cold in the winter, water freezes. So we pay extra attention to our Kidneys to keep their energy free-flowing, just like a stream. We don't want our Kidney energy to become stagnant or frozen, and we can do many things to keep the energy of our Kidneys flowing.


Winter Tips for the Kidneys:
#1 Keep Kidneys Warm

Waking Up Energy kidney blog post

BODY: Using the back of your hands, rub your Kidneys 100-300 times, while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Allow 5 minutes for this practice.

MIND: Visualize the energy from your hands directly entering into your Kidneys. Gently close your eyes and practice self-care by seeing your own vibrational energy move from your hands into your kidneys. Smile into your Kidneys, and with each gentle breath, visualize the Earth beneath you offering you unlimited universal energy just by thinking "Earth, Mother Earth." The Qi flows to where the mind goes :))

You have the power to work with your body and mind directly to practice self-care, self-compassion,  and self-healing on all of your organs, including the Kidneys. At the very least, you may learn to relax, and that is be an incredible gift to yoursel.

A few moments of Qigong Practice: 1 minute to 1 hour

BODY: Use your hands as one of your most powerful tools to transmit energy throughout your body.

MIND: Visualize your Kidneys expanding with each inhalation. Exhale and visualize your Kidneys absorbing all the energy inside your Kidneys. What does that look like? Be curious as you practice and look inside your body as you do your Qigong. Make sure you are always in a safe and comfortable environment, where you can move your body freely and close your eyes without worry.