The Benefits of Daily Qigong Practice


A cup of Qi everyday

Just like you drink water, or a cup of tea daily, QiGong works best when you practice regularly.  Therefore, Daily Shine practice classes are available 24/7 online. 


Shine Daily is an ongoing course, so that you can plan for continued practice to Shine everyday in every season. Start anytime.

What is the benefit of class that is monthly and ongoing to our Well-being? 

  • The benefits of any practice, and especially Qigong, is through steady practice.
    • Daily Shine makes it easy to do regular, steady practice
      • The live class and recorded classes are easy to access 24/7 every season
      • Start anytime - New students are welcome to start the class anytime. Just register and we will send you course access information. 
      • Satisfaction guaranteed. Class can be cancelled anytime.
  • It takes time to wake up well-being - old habits can be hard to change
    • When you make a commitment to your health, your mind-heart-body hears you and will amaze you by what is possible.
    • Allows time to discover what your new mind-body baseline of awareness, relaxation and resilience can be.
    • Live Q&A lets you ask questions specific to your life and health journey.
    • Trust that Daily Shine is here for you monthly and ongoing as you restore and renew-- because responding to chronic illness or health challenges of mind, heart, body is a journey, not usually a fast fix. 
    • To learn how to fit our life in all seasons, can be helped with the guidance of a skilled certified QiGong teacher

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