Awaken Vitality Method

The Daily Shine Qigong class is based on the Awaken Vitality Method, also known as the Preliminary Practices, as taught by Master Mingtong Gu of the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

The Awaken Vitality Method features the teachings of Mingtong’s teacher, Dr. Pang Ming, who created the Body Mind Method of Zhineng Qigong, to strengthen our core, and cultivate the flow of energy or Qi. This set of practices focuses on opening the spine and all the joints in the body. It helps us shape a healthy, flexible, resilient spine, release energy blockages from illness, injury and poor posture. Through a guided sequence of meditation, movement, and visualization, we are learning to turn our attention inward. With each practice, we are waking up our wisdom through mindful movement to open communication between the brain and all the rest of the body. 

Zhineng or Wisdom Healing Qigong was created by a Medical MD and Qigong Master, Dr. Pang Ming, who gathered together 19 Qigong lineages into one form --  Zhineng Qigong -- so gentle it can be practiced at any age, and so resilient, it offers a complete tool-kit for better self-care.  By integrating his eastern and western training, Dr. Pang guided students to move and strengthen the body, while connecting with the energy of the universe through nature. He designed this practice to support self-care, and can be done concurrently with everyday life. And helps you be more present and resilient. Denise studied Wisdom Healing Qigong from Master Mingtong Gu, earning the highest level of teacher certification at his Center. Master Gu trained directly with Dr. Pang at his institute in China, and now teaches internationally via his Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.