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Imagine being able to wake up energy and release stress anytime! Practice live with Denise to learn the gentle mind-body Qigong movements that she learned after her cancer diagnosis, and that can help you fit your life better. Whether you would like to change the shine that you bring to this day, or the brilliance in how you age or face chronic illness, this monthly membership class gives you daily access to learn how and guides you every step on your way. 

Yes, your day can be so much brighter! We offer Daily Shine with LIVE online video classes to help you get started. 
Start your day with easy-to-follow mind-body Qigong practices guided by Denise Minter. This signature course focuses on waking up energy, through a healthier spine and awake mind. Denise typically starts with a guided meditation, followed by a sequence of movements from the Awaken Vitality series of Wisdom Healing Qigong, and then a closing practice. These gentle movements release stress and blockages, opening connections from mind to organs, to limbs and to the immune system via a healthy flowing spine. This course is the first step to discovering more resilience and well-being to help you fit your life

Course Features:

Course Content: Shine Daily and the Awaken Vitality Method

The Shine Daily Course, the first course of Waking Up Energy, focuses on the Awaken Vitality Method of Wisdom Healing Qigong. These are the teachings that Denise Minter discovered in her own journey to find health and resilience through her cancer treatment and everyday since.

These teachings strengthen our core and cultivate the flow of energy or Qi, opening the spine and all the joints in the body. Through dedicated practice we can shape a healthy, flexible, resilient spine, and release energy blockages from illness, injury and poor posture. Through a guided sequence of meditation, movement, and visualization, we learn to turn our attention inward.

With each practice, we are waking up our wisdom through mindful movement to open communication between the brain and all the rest of the body. These movements are so gentle they can be done by any ability. In addition, they do not require special clothing or mats.

Typical Class - 60  minutes of Guided Video Practice by Denise

  • Start with a meditation to relax mind and body.
  • Movements from the Awaken Vitality Method series of Wisdom Healing Qigong and related teachigs
  • Closing Meditation